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The McORE Strength provides digital weight functional training and interactive display.

Your choice of a Membership


After the purchase of your McORE Strength, you’ll receive a complimentary 1 month free all-access Membership to our entire Online Studio and programming catalog. (Customers that reserve a unit during our Pre-order period, Ends July 1st, 2024, will enjoy lifetime free access to our Membership!)

This membership will begin once you’ve received your machine upon activation. (Fulfillment and Activation of Machines will begin July 2024)

After the completion of your complimentary month, your membership will roll into a subscription that is $39/month. Membership charges as a personal account and it supports 10 members on one plan. You can cancel anytime.

*You may upgrade to support more accounts if you use it for business use. Check for details.

*You can use the device and hardware without a Membership - subscribe to our Membership for full length classes (Updated Monthly).

At Home Benefits: How much you can save?


A typical acupressure massage bed cost between $1000 - $3000. Pilates and/or massage sessions are priced at $20 - $150 per, if a family had 20 sessions, then the cost would range between $400 - $3000. When analyzing the monthly spend over the course of a year, you'll see the immediate cost savings with the MOFORMER™ PLUS, not to mention you get a digital weight training System as an added "plus".

Corporate Benefits: How much value you can add?


For businesses, providing a massage session to your customer post exercise can save your customer's time and money. Imagine how your customer talk about your good product and service that you don't get from old way.

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A Functional Trainer that is Space-Saving & Versatile

McORE Strength's functional trainer feature offers unparalleled versatility, dynamic workout options, and efficient space utilization. Transforming any routine you choose into a multifunctional fitness experience for both pilates and high-intensity functional training.

User-Friendly & Engaging Interactive Display

McORE Strength's interactive display blends a user-friendly design with versatile functionality - perfect for both solo and trainer-led workouts. Offering engaging on-demand classes and intuitive progress tracking, the interactive display personalizes and elevates your fitness journey, seamlessly adapting to your diverse training needs and goals.

Safe & Durable Design

McORE Strength seamlessly combines safety and tradition with its high quality wood & sleek design, preserving the true essence of barre. Crafted with an aluminum frame, McORE Strength delivers both a sleek, quality appearance and long-term durability. We confidently back our McORE Strength with a 5-year warranty on the machine body, ensuring your investment is secure and reliable!

Benefits to Reserving Your McORE Strength

For a limited time during our pre-order, you can reserve your McORE Strength with a $100 down payment.

Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive Discount: Your $100 down payment not only secures your McORE Strength but also unlocks a massive $1,000 discount on your final purchase (MSRP price will be $3,995 and your price will $2,995).
  • Community Welcome: Join the McORE community with open arms. Be part of an elite group of fitness enthusiasts and studio owners.
  • A Gift for You: Even if you decide not to proceed with the full purchase, we've got you covered. You'll receive a special package worth $100, including flex bands and exclusive community welcoming gifts, as a token of our appreciation for your interest.

Please Note:

  • The $100 down payment is a commitment to your fitness journey and is non-refundable.
  • Choosing not to complete the purchase? No worries! The value of your down payment will still be honored with our specially curated gift package.