More than Reformer. A versatile fusion of Pilates reformer, interactive display, and digital-weight functional trainer.


Helping You Make The Best Decision

What are the benefits to reserving a McORE unit now?


  • Exclusive Discount: Your $500 down payment not only secures your McORE product line but also unlocks a massive discount on your final purchase (Each unit has its own discounted price from MSRP). All that is owed today is $500 with the remainder of what's owed being invoiced at the time of fulfillment, which begins July 2024.
  • Community Welcome: Join the MOFORMER™ community with open arms. Be part of an elite group of fitness enthusiasts and studio owners.
  • A Gift for You: Even if you decide not to proceed with the full McORE purchase, we've got you covered. You'll receive a special package worth $100, including flex bands and exclusive MOFORMER™ community welcoming gifts.

Please Note

  • The $500 down payment is a commitment to your fitness journey and $100 non-refundable, so you can refund at maxium of $400.
  • Choosing not to complete the MOFORMER™ purchase? No worries! The value of your down payment will still be honored with our specially curated gift package.

What's Next?

After you have completed the $500 down payment to secure your reservation, our Team will send you a confirmation email plus more information on the device as well as updates on when fulfillment and activation will begin. Currently fulfillment and activation on all orders will begin July 2024, at that time our Team will email you a link for you to complete your purchase and pay the remainder of what is owed - we will confirm your shipping address at that time and inquire if you would like to upgrade to our White Glove Delivery & Assembly service*. (See our FAQs for more information)

If I reserve a McORE unit today, when will I receive it?


All McORE products are currently in a Pre-order and available to reserve.

Fulfillment on all units will begin early July 2024 - all customers that reserve with McORE will be notified ahead of fulfillment to confirm a shipping address and process the remainder of what's owed.

Can I use MOFORMER™ PLUS without membership and what can be done?



For MOFORMER™ PLUS, you can use for digital weight training and Pilates reformer training but without the class content, as well as massage. Specifically, for weight training, you can still control the weight and do as much as you want.

Can I purchase only "one" set machine if I'm a studio owner?



Moformer is designed as commercial grade. We understand studio owner sometimes want to have a try before purchase more. Always welcome.

Do I need to purchase an online membership with MOFORMER™ PLUS?


It is totally up to you!

Once you purchase your MOFORMER™ PLUS, you’ll receive 1 month free to All Access membership for our Online Studio.

This membership will begin once you’ve received your machine upon activation.

After complimentary period is over, there is a reoccurring charge of $39/mo. Membership charges as a personal account and it supports 10 members. You can cancel anytime.

*You may upgrade to support more accounts if you use it for business use. Check for details.

*Please be aware the MOFORMER™ Pro does not have a display therefore membership is not required.

What about shipping and assembly?


We are in a Pre-order period right now with only reservations being available. We will email all customers when fulfillment is beginning (Approx. July 2024)

Shipping rates will be determined at checkout for both domestic and international orders when units are ready for fulfillment. Fulfillment on all orders will begin July 2024 and all customers will be notified ahead of time in preparation and to collect remainder of what's owed as well as confirm shipping address.

At the time, Customers can upgrade for "White Glove Delivery" which is available within 60 miles of the Major Metropolitan Areas, for full lists, please see FAQs.

White Glove Delivery: Assembly will include the moving of machine to the setup location of your choice, unpacking, and assembly of your order.

You may also assemble by yourselves but require people's assistance.

What if I have more questions?


Please see our FAQs page or contact us directly.