Unleash movements

Any questions?

Is the First month membership complimentary?


Yes. From the day your equipment is delivered and activated, you have 30 days to fall in love as a complimentary membership. Later on, if you dont like, you can cancel your membership. Any question, Email hello@mcorefit.com

What makes Moformer different?


Moformer provides the most effective training, inclusive of most popular workouts of strenth and Pilates. Workout smarter, train more balanced.  Working out with Moformer can be shared with you and loved ones, whoever friends, family and or customers, becaused of so many features on the same machine. 

What types of classes and workouts are there?


Beyond Pilates and Strength, even you’re looking for yoga, HIIT, cardio, meditation, there’s something for you.

What is the difference between "personal" and "business" accout?


The main difference is the members the account can have. As business, e.g. studio owner and coach, they will have more members to use on the same machine, therefore there is more members required, accordingly a higher cost.

How many accounts I can have if I am in "personal" account? How much it costs


For a personal account, you can have 10 members. It cost $39/month.

How many accounts I can have if I am in "business" account? How much it costs?


For a business use, monthly charges are:

$ 99 up to 50 account

$ 169 up to 300 account

$199 up to 500 account.