Experience More, Live to the Core

As humans, we like share, and compete. It’s why we work hard to achive somthing important. It’s also why we celebrate with others. This is the value of McORE.

McORE's design thinking

Value comes first

When people talk about what it’s like to see McORE's product, they say it’s obvious but good idea. That’s what makes McORE unique. It’s not just another statement of being "first". It’s a result of understanding customers and find solution for them.


McORE's products have been designed with a deep understanding of customer's need, making them more effective beyond fitness.

Rongrong(Roger) Mao

Meet our founder

With a extensive experience of live and work in different countries, Roger has always been impressed by the common pursuit of fitness and health from people all around the world.

Even without a word, you will feel the energy in any fitness studio, where people all working for the same goal.

Via the design of fitness and wellness being combined in our iconic Moformer, Roger truly believe that fitness and wellness need to be shared with each other. This sharing would be good to the sharer and receivers.

Prior to Mcorefit, he co-founded boutique studio brands in Pilates, boxing where provides him the extensive understanding the customer, studio owners and the whole ecosystem. Roger holds a Master degree from The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.